Connect with your Equine Drinking Data

With HydraSure, you can now keep track of equine water consumption using existing automated drinkers.

As you may already know, automatic drinkers offer many time and labour-saving benefits over buckets, but they typically do not allow users to remotely review whether their horse has been drinking or not, how much they have been drinking and how frequently.

Our unique range of products and services will keep you informed no matter where you are. We can store historic data to help you ascertain what your horse’s normal water consumption is at the drinker and provides graphical output to highlight any drinking abnormalities.

Adequate water intake is essential for equine health and performance, but as daily intake varies depending on seasonal climatic conditions, diet, reproductive status and workload, for example, it requires ongoing monitoring to gain better insight into equine drinking behaviour.

If you're a horse owner, stable manager, trainer or veterinarian get peace of mind by connecting with your data.

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Our new automated Equine Drinker

Our new and improved automatic drinker monitors equine water consumption and is easier to clean too.

Connects to the Cloud
Provides Analytics
Sends Notifications

Our Retrofitted Water Monitoring Units

for use with any existing automated drinker

Our standalone units provide water refill information locally at the monitoring unit on a small screen display. It will provide you with a date and time of when the drinker was last refilled. It will also provide the amount of water (litres) it took to refill the drinker and keeps a daily total of the amount of water consumed over those 24 hours. A reset function is provided to cancel a reading and/or clear a daily total.

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How do Internet connected products work

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With an Internet connected product, you'll know almost in real time what is being measured at the drinker. This is made possible thanks to our connected software platform which ensures that all measured data is seamlessly and securely transferred from the sensors to our cloud server where the information is securely stored for you.

We have developed software to process this information and make it available to all authorised users, and it can "push" this data to those who want it through automated notifications. Analytical tools are also provided to help you evaluate this data to provide meaningful insights on any water consumption anomalies found and provide graphical output of the periodic drinking patterns.

Our Online Services

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage for equine hydration data.


Understand equine drinking patterns using graphs.


Set up notifications if drinking patterns change.

Our Support Services

We are here to support the equine market with their data needs. If data can be captured we can help you capture it and analyse it.

We can help with the deployment of sensors and manage the data capturing network as a value-added service.


Our Story

Hydrasure has been under development for over two years, and is now an award-winning brand that has captured international media attention. In 2013, Emer Cooney, a Biologist and Horse Riding Instructor from Co. Wicklow, set out to design an improved drinking system for horses. With over 20 years of experience in the equine industry, Emer recognized the shortfalls in existing equine feeding and drinking systems. Her aim was to design a drinker that was:

  • Easier to empty and clean than existing models

  • Slightly larger, to offer horses a longer drink

  • Corner-mounted, to reduce risks of abuse from horses

  • Silent- filling

  • Designed to monitor water intake

Our First Prototype

The first Hydrasure prototype was built and tested in summer 2014. This prototype was powered by a low voltage cable, and required further development.

Our Retrofit Meter

After further fundraising and testing, a retrofit meter was developed to cater for customers who already used automatic drinkers, and wanted to add water monitoring functionality. This prototype was built to use battery power only, and transmit data to the cloud.

Our new automated Equine Drinker

Our new Equameter

Having secured the support of Enterprise Ireland in Autumn 2015, we continued to iterate our design process, and developed our final hardware, software, and retrofit meter design.

Our retrofit meters are now available to order. This will be available in the near future

  • Includes WRAS approved components (approved for use with potable water)
  • Includes push-fit plumbing fittings for hassle-free installation
  • Lasts approx. 12 months on 2 x AA batteries
  • Is available with or without a local display
  • Transmits data to the cloud where you can view it on any mobile device, at any time

Our data management platform allows you to see how much your horse is drinking at any time, from any mobile device. Choose from SMS or email alerts, as well as a variety of other user-controlled parameters.